The Wonderful World of Twitter

I have now been using Twitter for about half a month now. I went from having no one to follow and no followers, to having several of both. People have found me and I have found people. I think that Twitter is a great thing, once you start really using it. I have read some interesting stories, learned some interesting facts, and met some interesting people just by using Twitter. Some of these people are CEO’s of companies and as a 22 undergraduate student; it is rare to be exposed to a person like that.


I think as a student, Twitter is great to build a professional profile and get more contacts from around the world and in different stages of their lives. I am following/being followed by other PR students all the way to professional PR practitioners.


One thing I did find difficult in Twitter is that if you are not checking it every day you might end up missing a great story or post. It might be something that really pertained to what you are looking for. Yes, you are able to go back to the older posts, but sometimes that is a LOT of reading, depending on how long you have been gone.


I will continue to use Twitter. I am about to graduate and if I am able to hit on a possible job opportunity, I think Twitter will be a place I might be able to find it at. I will hope to make my page look better and more professional the more I play around with it. So if any one reads this and is on Twitter, find and follow me!




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