The thoughts of a Podcast

I am listening to two podcasts, which amount to one full hour. The podcasts I am listening to are from Inside PR. I was first going to listen to For Immediate Release, but after hearning from my teacher the difference between how the two talk, I decided to go with Inside PR.

I listen to a radio station (97.3 Kiss FM) and their morning show (Kidd Kradick in the Morning). I really like the way they talk and that is what drew me to listening to Inside PR. I felt it was more directed to a… well ADD kind of mind.

To start off the first one I listened to was Podcast #131 which discusses defining how broad the scope of public relations actually is. I thought this would be interesting to listen to because I am a Public Relations major, and more importantly I am not a very traditional PR major… I want to fully focus on the event planning aspect of the field. While I was listening I thought it was very interesting that they started their podcast out talking about FIR, which was the podcast I had originally thought about listening too.

In this one podcast I felt that I was almost in a class room, maybe because in my Corporate PR class we were dicussing this very same thing. We even had a RATS (reading assessment test) about the five different segments of PR, including Government Relations and internal relations.

This podcast really was useful to me when they started to talk about event management. This is the area I am interested in and I was able to see what companies/firms look for under this umbrella. I found out that these was a lot more that a PR firm would expect from someone who focuses on event management and I think this was a great thing to learn see as I am graduating in May.


The second episode of Inside PR I listened to was Podcast #132 which discussed the current state of the economy and the recent Canadian and US political debates. This also has importance to me, because as a soon graduating student I will be looking for a job starting in the next month. The economy is something that effects me greatly right now because of the jobs dwindling and being new to the job world.

This podcast was also interesting because today is the election day, the day we will finally find out who will win this battle that has been going on for two years of hard-core campaigning. One thing I did not find to interesting about this Podcast was the fact that they talked a lot about the Canadian politics, which not only do I know nothing about, but I also do not have a high desire to know much about.


Overall, I think the podcasts are something that are very interesting. Not necessarily for me now, but maybe as I get further into my career it might be something I will listen to. It is interesting to see what they talk about and how many there are out there.


Here is the hyperlink for their website: . Check them out… it is free to listen to.


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  1. Allison — Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have you considered adding your comments to the Inside PR show blog?


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