Excuse me, excuse me! Can I quote you on that?

I think the UPS newsroom, or what they call the Press Room, has been developed very well. This is a separate site for UPS that has RSS feed as well as email updates for those who are really interested in what the company is doing.


The home page for the press room included these links as well as seeing press releases and news/updates.


The tabs that are on the website include press release, media kits, in the news, executive forums, and multimedia.


I think this site is very easy to navigate and as some one who was trying to research the company, I found it very useful. I think if I were a journalist I would not have a hard time finding background information on events that have been going on in the company.  In addition they have an area to look for logos and which logos are appropriate to use and also how/where you can use them. Like I said, I really do think this website is really helpful and easy to use.


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