To work or not to work? That is the question.

When asked if I would be more or less likely to work for this company after what I have learned, my answer is still yes. My father worked for this company for my entire life until his retirement about two or three years ago and it has brought him so much. I spent a day with him during middle school or elementary school and I thought the company was great for the family. They really do seem to care about their employees, so no wonder why they were awarded one of the best places to start your career, best place to work, and several others.


I also like the fact that employees receive health benefits, pension benefits, a 401 (k) plan, discounted employee stock purchase plan, paid vacation, and tuition assistance. If my father had not been still working at UPS when I started college and I had known about their schooling and working opportunities I might have been picked what school I went to based on the fact that I could work for a company I could make a career out of while getting a degree. I think all work places should encourage schooling for their employees because the world is constantly changing and when you have hard-workers that are adding to their talents the better the company will become.


I also think that they are doing a great job with dealing with the economies state. It seems that they are trying to keep their employees, well employed, and not raising their prices too much for their customers. While they have already published their increased rates for 2009, they have confidence in their loyal customers to be OK with the increase enough to continue being loyal.


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