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Groundswell goes into effect… or do they?

UPS does have one downfall. They have not used social media to their fullest. As of right now the company does not own their own blog nor have I been able to find people from UPS on Twitter.


Here, however, are some of the things they have been doing right. They have the UPS whiteboard which is an interactive part of their website which helps customers find/understand how UPS works, how to navigate around the actual website, who works for UPS and what the different areas mean/do.


There was an articleon the UPS website that did discuss the importance of blogging and how it could help businesses.

I also found another sitethat discussed how UPS was using the Internet in new ways to “listen to” their audiences.


Lastly, UPS does have a professional profile on Linkedin.


Overall, I do not think that UPS has seemed to keep up with the newest social media to keep in contact with their consumers. However, UPS has been awarded to have good customer service as well as has been listed by Information Week’s Magazine’s top 500 companies, based on innovative use of technology. They do seem to know how to listen to their audience, but I think they have a little bit of a hard time talking to their audience, and several of the other parts that are included in the Groundswell.