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The importance of community

UPS finds that being a part of the community is important for the company and for employees/individuals. With this belief comes many different opportunities and programs they offer for their employees and the company to help the community.
Some of these include:
  • The neighbor to neighbor program
  • UPS global volunteer week
  • The Jim Casey Community Service Award


  They also help education, with programs like school to work, earn and learn program, scholarships, and welfare to work.

They deal with safety, making sure their drives know how to drive safely.

They like helping the environment: recycling, fleet management, and others.

Philantrophy: UPS foundation, grants, United Way, etc.

They also find diversity and volunteerism important.


These are all just a few things that UPS shows how they help the community, and of course it is helpful to their public appearance especially with helping send packages to troops during the holidays and to kids in need.