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You challenge me?

One thing that UPS said they find challenging, as any other growing company would, is keeping the technology initiatives aligned with the businesses direction. 


With the economy pretty much failing right now, UPS has lowered its first quarter earnings expectations to $.86 or $.87 per diluted share from previously anticipated range of $.94 to $.98. They will also be increasing the rates for 2009.


Some other challenges they have faced are keeping up with their customers importance of being green. They have done this by sending out 167 “green fleets,” adopting HP paperless printing solutions, and also being the first of this type of company to purchase Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles.


“Based on economic forecasts, we anticipate a challenging environment for a number of quarters going forward.” said Kurt Kuehn, UPS’ Chief Financial Offices. “We believe the US consumer will very conservative with spending this year. But we still expect 2008 earnings per share should be toward the lower end of the $3.50 to $3.70 range that we provided mid-year.” To read more about this story and how UPS is actually doing fairly well even though the economy is weak click here.