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Going Public and Being a Model

UPS caters to several different people. This includes the individuals, grandparents sending Christmas and birthday presents to their grandchildren, and companies, who send products to either individuals or to other distribution companies.



UPS serves Africa, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Caribbean, Central America, South America, North America, Middle East, and Europe. Some of these include over 40 individual countries.


UPS has over 7.9 million customers DAILY (no wonder they are one of the leading delivery services!). This includes 1.8 million pick-ups and 6.1 million delivers.

Second of all: I think that UPS uses a two-way symmetric model (based on the four academic models of Public Relations by  James Grunig and Todd Hunt). While they might not have a lot of social media aspects such as blogs or accounts in twitter, they do have places for customers to express their opinions on their website. While I have yet to have a personal problem with UPS, I expect that UPS tries to answer all the questions of the public as fast and accurately as possible. This way it is a two-way symmetric model. They listen to their customers and use this to help achieve both UPS’ objectives as well as their client’s objectives. It is a win-win situation.