The ins and outs of boxes: UPS

Below are links to the overview of the company, their history, awards/honors UPS has received, career opportunities offered by them, as well as many other things to know about the famous shipping company.


“What Can Brown Do For You?”: Give the overview of UPS and what they do.

Over 100 years old and running: A brief history/time-line of UPS.

Going Public: Describes the customers of UPS.

You Challenge Me?: Challenges that UPS has faces with, including the current economy.

And the winner is…: Awards and honors UPS has received.

Groundswell goes into effect… Or do they?: An analysis of how UPS uses the Groundswell

Excuse me, excuse me! Can I quote you on that?: A critique of the UPS’ on-line press room.  

Career Opportunities: Discusses what career opportunities are available for PR, marketing, communications, etc.

To work or not to work? That is the question: My discuss on whether I would work for UPS or not.

The importance of Community: How UPS helps the community.


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